Aug 31

We focus on making barrier-free home modifications and occasionally we get requests for something a little different – like this one for a Wheelchair Accessible Motorhome Modification.

Wheelchair Accessible Motor home Modification

The Challenge was to make the entrance and bedroom stairway safer and wheelchair accessible.

As you can imagine, there isn’t a lot of space in a motorhome or mobile home. The end result had to be safe and convenient for the owner.

As with most of our accessible construction projects, we always try to enable the owner to live in their home, or in this case, motorhome, for as long as possible so they can age-in-place.

We have a full description of this wheelchair accessible motorhome modification along with photos inside and out on our main website at:

Aug 29

We provide a full-line of Barrier-Free Products for the Accessible Home. Our website offers some great product discounts but some of our best deals are for Accessible Product Bundles.

Accessible Bathroom Products Bundle

Shown above is a Bathroom Bundle that includes a Toilevator toilet spacer, 18-inch Grab Bar, and Offset Door Hinges.

More Product Bundles can be found at:

Aug 27

One of our favorite products for modifying barrier-free homes is adding a set of Offset Door Hinges to widen doorways up to two inches.

Sometimes called “swing-away” or “expandable hinges,” Offset Door Hinges are much cheaper and easier than widening a doorway the conventional way.

You can add offset hinges to any door in the house where it needs to be made wider to accommodate a wheelchair, scooter or walker.

When we do a home assessment we can usually tell which doorways need to be widened because they have scuff marks on the door where a wheelchair or walker scrapes along the door.

Installation is easy and can usually be completed in under 30 minutes. Details are available here:

Aug 26

Furniture Risers (also called Sofa Risers, Couch Risers, Table Risers, or Bed Risers) lift furniture a few inches to make it easier to get up or sit down.

When used on a table or desk, Furniture Risers lift it a few inches to make it easier to get a wheelchair underneath.

Furniture risers are an expensive and easy way to make a home safer and more accessible.

For more details visit our main website at:

Aug 25

The Handybar is a Car Standing Support Lever that makes getting in and out of a car easier.

The Handybar can be used for getting in and out of car easily while adding extra support for safety. It stores in the door pocket or can be carried in a briefcase or purse.

Another useful item for getting in and out of a car is the Car Caddie. Instead of pushing down it is used for pulling up and out of the car.

Find details and buying information here:

Aug 23

Most accidents happen in the home, especially the bathroom and kitchen.

For seniors and people with disabilities that need to safe-proof their homes, it’s best to work with a certified consultant that can assess both the disability AND the living environment. But many people are hesitant for fear of cost, inconvenience, or for some, the embarrassment of letting on that they have a challenge.

So we put together a simple Home Safety Guide For Seniors that outlines the basic questions to ask and steps to take around the home.

A complete Home Safety Guide would require volumes to complete and isn’t necessary. It’s best to get a basic understanding of what is needed and use it as a guide to understanding the bigger picture. This lets people know what to look for so they are better prepared when the time comes for a complete assessment.

Our basic Home Safety Guide For Seniors is available here:

Aug 20

Do you want a raised toilet without buying a brand new toilet?

The Toilevator ADA Toilet Spacer fits underneath your existing low toilet and raises it 3.5 inches from the bottom.

Toilevator ADA Toilet Spacer

The Toilevator Toilet Spacer is one of our favorite bathroom safety and convenience products because it raises your existing toilet 3.5 inches without the expense of purchasing a new ADA toilet.

Using a raised toilet makes it easier to get on or off the toilet. Because it uses your existing toilet and seat it is more stable and hygienic than using a “sit on top” of the seat plastic toilet raiser.

More information is available on our main website along with buying information here:

Aug 18

To make it easy for seniors and people with disabilities, as well as caregivers, to find easy solutions for mobility challenges, we produced an Industry Professional “Cheat Sheet” that offers our favorite products that help people live independently.

Mobility Solutions

The Mobility Solutions “Cheat Sheet” is available on our website with links directly to each of the products for more information.

The web page is updated periodically to make room for new products and is available here:

Aug 17

For seniors and people with disabilities, getting in and out of bed, or staying in bed can be a challenge. The Bed Cane Bed Rail solves both of these problems.

It serves as a bed rail to keep you from falling out of bed. By simply lifting up on the rail, it swivels out away from the bed and acts as a bed cane to make it easier to get in or out of bed.

Installation is as easy as sliding the attached rails underneath the mattress. Tie down straps secure it into place.

This all-in-one combo Bed Cane Bed Rail is an easy to use and convenient method for making the bedroom safer.

Aug 16

The Beasy Transfer Board is the premier wheelchair transfer board available.

Wheelchair transfers can be difficult, whether it’s transferring from a bed to the chair or from the wheelchair to another chair.

The Beasy Transfer Board has a sliding disc that rotates as it slides making it easier to transfer than conventional wooden or plastic transfer boards.

Beasy Boards are available in three sizes and each comes with a tapered design and sliding disc that are the hallmark of Beasy Transfer Boards.

For more information visit:

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