Sep 30

Wouldn’t it be great if your kitchen cabinets could lower down to counter-top level instead of straining to reach them?

Handicap Electric Cabinets

Handicap Electric Cabinets are Height Adjustable Kitchen Cabinets that raise and lower at the touch of a button.

This is a great accessible kitchen installation for seniors, people in wheelchairs, and even children because it makes it easy and convenient to reach items in kitchen cabinets without straining to reach up high.

This is a custom installation that we can perform and we also sell the motor by itself for contractors that want to perform this installation for their clients.

For more information, call us toll-free at (866) 902-9800 or visit our website to order the motor.


Sep 29

It’s quite common for falls to happen on steps or stairways leading up to a home. Iron Railings For Fall Prevention provide an attractive way to make steps and stairways safer.

Iron Railings For Fall Prevention

Adding iron handrails is a custom application that is available in a variety of of styles and colors. If you live in the southern California area and would like to discuss making your home safer by installing iron railings give us a call toll-free at (866) 902-9800.

Sep 28

Walker Glide Skis are a nifty little device that replaces tennis balls on the back legs of an ADA Walker.

Walker Glide Skis

Walker Glide Skis are durable and long-lasting enables the walker to effortlessly glide on carpets and other surfaces.

Ordering information is available on our website at:

Sep 27

Parkinson Disease (Parkinson’s) is a brain disorder that occurs when nerve cells or neurons in a certain location of the brain die. These cells are no longer able to produce dopamine.

Parkinson Disease Resources

When approximately 80% of the dopamine-producing cells are damaged, the symptoms of Parkinson disease appear.

The primary symptoms of Parkinson disease include:

  • Tremors (shaking)
  • Slowness of movement
  • Rigidity (stiffness)
  • Difficulty with balance
  • Small, cramped handwriting
  • Stiff facial expression
  • Shuffling walk
  • Muffled speech

Two of our favorite Parkinson products include the Parkinson Walker with Laser and Parkinson Laser Cane. Both of these are avialable on our website along with other Parkinson Disease Resources such as local Parkinson Foundation chapters in southern California.

Sep 26

Every year, seniors and older adults are seriously injured by falling, and many times they fall in their own home. The good news is, most falls can be prevented by simple changes in the home and lifestyle. Here are some ideas for Fall Prevention For Seniors.

senior fall prevention

There are four simple, yet important things to do to prevent or at least minimize the risk of falling.

1. Have a Regular Exercise Program

Regular exercise imporoves balance and mobility, improves bone and muscle strength, and generally makes you feel better. It shouldn’t be anything too strenuous – things like walking or Tai Chi are low-impact and are some of the best exercises.

2. Have Your Vision Checked Once a Year

If you don’t wear glasses you may need them. And if you already have glasses the prescription may need to be updated. The eyes change as we age and ensuring you can see well will decrease your chances of falling.

3. Review Your Medications

Have your doctor or healthcare provider review your prescription and non-prescription medicines regularly to make sure everything is working properly. Over time, new medications may be added or removed from your regimen and this can effect how they all work together. The wrong medication combinations can cause dizziness or drowsiness which increases your risk of falling.

4. Make Sure Your Home is Safe

We perform hundreds of home safety evaluations each year and many times we find simple things that can be changed to make the home safer.

  • Ensure proper lighting throughout the house both inside and outside
  • Clear unnecessary clutter from any walking areas inside and outside the home
  • Use non-slip shower strips in the tub and shower
  • Install a fold-down grab bar next to the toilet
  • Add grab bars in or next to the shower
  • A padded shower bench can give you a place to sit if you feel dizzy while in the shower
  • Use a step stool with a handle to reach in cabinets
  • Keep frequently used items in a drawer or easy to reach area so you don’t need to reach up high to retrieve them
  • Install a Toilevator to raise your toilet
  • A Super Pole can be used in the bedroom for getting in and out of bed safely
  • Remove loose carpet or rugs that can cause you to trip
  • Install handrails at stairways or an Advantage Rail – make sure current handrails aren’t loose or broken
  • Use a Couch Cane near sofas or chairs to make standing and sitting safer and easier
  • Furniture Risers can increase the height of chairs and sofas and also make sitting and standing easier and safer
  • Riser Recliner Chairs make it easier to to stand and sit
  • A Handybar makes it safer and easier to get in and out of a car
  • Place a Bed Cane Bed Rail near the bed so you have something sturdy as you rise out of bed
  • Have a telephone in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom in case you do fall so you can call for help
Sep 21

The Transfer Belt / Gait Belt is a walking belt for caregivers that helps prevent back injuries and allows for safer patient transfers.

Transfer Belt - Gait Belt

With seven handles and a 6-inch high back, this Transfer Belt/Gait Belt is great for transferring patients.

We’re currently running a special on our website:

Sep 15

The Pull Down Closet Rod makes it easy for wheelchair users to reach clothing items in the closet because it lowers them to the chair.”

Also known as a pull-down closet rack, this provides a convenient, barrier-free solution to your home.

For more photos and ordering information, visit our website at:

Sep 13

The Couch Cane ADA Stander makes it easy to stand up or sit down on a sofa couch or chair.

The Couch Cane ADA Stander installs easily underneath a sofa or recliner and has an adjustable height handle which provides plenty of support.

It comes with a saddlebag pouch for storing TV remotes, keys, or anything you need to store and keep handy.

For more details and ordering information visit or main website:

Sep 7

This Funny Prayer about Getting Old was given at the Home Instead Senior Care Annual Convention.

Mary Maxwell is the speaker that gave this invocation. It is a hilarious speech that touches on getting older.

Sep 3

It’s a simple solution to a very common problem: Getting a wheelchair over a doorway threshold.

Our favorite Rubber Threshold Ramp is an easy and attractive solution for wheelchair users to get over the hump of a doorway threshold, whether it’s at the front door of the house or the sliding door going from the kitchen to the backyard.

Threshold Ramp

This is a very sturdy and durable rubber threshold ramp that we’ve had great success with over the years. It can be taken in the car when needed at a friend or family member’s house if you’re going for a stay and is available in a variety of sizes.

Now, this threshold ramp comes in a variety of colors as well. The Rubber Threshold Ramp in Stonecap Colors comes in two new colors to match the look of your house.

Rubber Threshold Ramp in Stonecap Colors

More information is available here:

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