Feb 28

The Power Toilet Aid (PTA) Battery Operated Toilet Seat is a power toilet lift designed for individuals with musculo-skeletal or neuromuscular limitations due to disease or injury.

Power Toilet Aid Battery Operated Toilet Seat

The Power Toilet Aid can lift the user up 13-inches above the toilet reducing stress on the knees and hips.


Feb 26

Circulation is important for Diabetics, especially with the feet. Exercising, soaking feet in an Epsom salt solution, and elevation all help. But there’s nothing like a great massage to get the blood flowing.

Promote Circulation For Diabetes

We fully believe in massage therapy to promote circulation and we’ve found a Vibrating Foot Massager that we really like.

With 12 vibration levels and 5 warmer levels, it really gets the feet tingling.

If you need to get the blood flowing to your feet but don’t always have time for proper exercise, try a foot massage. It not only feels good but it’s good for you.

If you or somebody you know could use a good foot massage, we have more details here: www.accessibleconstruction.com

Feb 21
AIP at Home

Age in Place Design Challenge: Adding a Pocket Door to Create Space
by Adam Fine

One of the biggest challenges to designing for aging-in-place is the use of space – or rather, lack of it.

This is especially true with the bathroom. Many older homes have very tiny bathrooms which makes it difficult to use a wheelchair or walker to get in and out of the bathroom.

“We often see bathrooms that have doors which open right against the toilet making it impossible to use a walker in the bathroom,” says Adam Fine of Accessible Design & Consulting.

Age in Place - Adding a Pocket Door to Create Space

A great solution is to replace the door and adjacent wall with a “pocket door” which slides in and out of the wall. The entire wall becomes a sliding door and creates a larger opening to the bathroom allowing plenty of space for going in and out.

This larger opening aids caregivers and users, especially those that require a wheelchair or walker for getting around their home. The pocket door creates space where there wasn’t any before.

If there isn’t enough wall space to create a pocket door, the next best alternative to creating space is to reverse the door so that it opens to the outside instead of the inside of the bathroom. Swing-Away Door Hinges are another great way to add space. They are very inexpensive and can add up to 2-inches to the doorway opening.

Adam Fine is the founder and president of Accessible Design & Consulting, Inc. specializing in residential & commercial accessibility assessment, ADA consulting, and Accessible project management.

Read it Online at AIP Home

Feb 14

A Transport Chair, sometimes called a Companion Chair, is an easy and convenient way to run errands, go to the doctor, pharmacy, or store.

Standard wheelchairs are bulky and heavy and difficult to put in the car. Caregivers have found that a lightweight Transport Chair is much easier to use when there isn’t a long day of sitting.

Transport Chairs provide freedom to go more places and do more things.

We’ve tried many Transport Chairs on the market and this one is our hands-down favorite.

Find out more at:

Feb 10

An Ergonomic Shower Chair provides a safe and comfortable way to take a shower without standing for a long period of time.

Ergonomic Shower Chair

Many seniors get light-headed from standing too long and an Ergonomic Shower Chair allows you to sit while taking a shower. It provides plenty of support and fits in a standard-sized bathtub.

This is a great shower chair if bathing help is needed from a caregiver as it can be moved around for the best position instead of a wall-mounted chair that has to remain in one place.

For more info:

Feb 4

On Wednesday, February 2, 2011, we presented at Aging in Place: Transitions and Choices, held by the Conejo/Las Virgenes Future Foundation Senior Congress.

aging in place seniors

About 300 people attended the event sponsored by the foundation, which focuses on issues to improve and maintain the quality of life in the Conejo Valley.

Conejo/Las Virgenes Future Foundation Senior Congress

We try to attend and speak to as many groups as possible because it gives us a chance to learn more about challenges and solutions that other seniors have faced.

Senior Accessible Consulting

We have a national consulting service and speak regularly to senior and caregiver groups and provide in-service engagements throughout southern California.

Give us a call at toll-free at (866) 902-9800 for more information.

We’d like to thank the Conejo/Las Virgenes Future Foundation for inviting us to their Senior Congress.

Feb 2

Two of the most popular products for roll-in wheelchairs showers are a perfect match for each – a Collapsible Water Retainer & Weighted Shower Curtains.

Collapsible Water Retainer and Weighted Shower Curtains

The Collapsible Water Retainer (shower water dam) collapses when a wheelchair rolls over it into the shower. It pops back up creating a barrier to keep water in the shower and off the shower floor.

Weighted Shower Curtains have weights that keep them low and in place and they bump up against the water retainer that creates a better seal than conventional shower curtains at keeping water in the shower.

Because these two items work so well together, we offer them as a combo at a reduced price versus purchasing them separately.

Details here:


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