Jan 13
Be Nice...One Day I'll Be Changing Your Diapers

While it’s a pretty funny shirt, it’s a fact of life that we all grow old one day, and many of us will rely on our children to take care of us.

It’s always been this way, but with people living longer, it will be ever more important in the coming decades.

Some question whether Social Security will carry on, or how long retirement funds will last before they dry up.

If money becomes a serious issue, it will be imperative that many seniors live with their children.

Aging-in-Place is a great option, but if we’re going to be living past 100 years old, at some point we’ll need to find a place to live where somebody is around to take care of us.

The best thing is to start planning early and discuss every option with friends and family. So many people are afraid to discuss aging and how they will live when they’re in their 80s and beyond. This isn’t something that can wait until the last minute. Don’t be afraid to talk about the future. Do it now while you can.

And be nice to your children. Because you never what the future holds. :-)

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