Mar 19

EveryBody Walk is a campaign to get America walking. As the infographic below points out, walking is so good for so many things.

The great thing about walking is it’s Free and it doesn’t take much to reap the rewards. The benefits of walking can be had in just 30 minutes of walking a day, five days a week. If you go out in your car, park farther away from the door at the mall or store and you’ll be that much closer to reaching your daily goal.

Some of the benefits of walking daily include:

– Boosts endorphins
– Reduces stress
– Limits sickness
– Improves the heart, circulation, and blood pressure
– Helps prevents falls by improving balance
– Builds bone mass
– Burns fat
– Limits or reduces Glaucoma risk, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s risk

Benefits of Walking for Seniors

These are just a few of the benefits of walking for seniors, and for everybody. The biggest reason is it makes us all feel better.

If you have trouble walking long distances, check with your doctor first, and limit your walking to a comfortable pace and distance. A rollator walker can help make it safer and easier.

Find a friend and walk together. It makes it all that more enjoyable.

This infographic can be found at Love Infographics and more information about the benefits of walking can be found at EveryBody Walk.

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