May 25

The central idea behind Universal Design is to design and create buildings, environments, and products that are accessible to everyone – both people with, and without, disabilities. This includes creating homes and areas that are safe and easy to use for children, adults, and seniors.

Universal Design also creates environments that will be easy to modify in the future if a disability requires changes. One idea that illustrates this notion is putting a closet on the bottom floor of a home and another directly above it on the second floor. In the future, if an elevator needs to be installed in the home, the two closets can be used as an elevator shaft.

We received an interesting email with the photo below that shows this concept taken to the extreme.

Glass Floor Bathroom

This glass floor bathroom sits 15 stories up in a penthouse building in Mexico and was created by architecture firm Hernandez Silva Arquitectos.

The shaft was originally intended to be filled with an elevator, but after it was decided not to add the elevator, the architects chose to just make the floor glass, giving visitors an outrageous view looking down 15 floors below.

This photo has been making the rounds online and we can see why. It’s funny and scary at the same time.

Kudos to the architects for such a creative use of space. If an elevator is ever needed, they already have the shaft in place. For now, this bathroom is probably the most popular room in the house.

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