Jul 26

This Bruno curved stair lift installation video shows the last steps of installation for a Bruno Electra-Ride III CRE 2110 curved stairlift with a folding seat and folding footrest.

Bruno Curved Stairlift

The initial installation began with taking precise measurements of the stairway and sending them to Bruno for crafting to the exact specifications. When everything was finished at the factory, the individual pieces were sent back to us for installation in the home.

The Electra-Ride III is an excellent stairlift with a 400 lb. weight capacity, two 12-volt batteries, and folding arms, seat, and footrest that create more space for walking up and down the stairs when not in operation. The seat has an offset swivel that makes it easy to enter or exit the stair lift.

It comes with a variety of options for safety, comfort and styling and can be equipped with a park option at the top or bottom of the stairs.

With Bruno’s custom manufacturing process, a curved stairlift can be used on almost any stairway and can be installed on either side to fit the needs of the home.

After measurements are sent to Bruno, the entire manufacturing process can be completed and delivered usually in a few weeks and installed in less than a day.

For more information about curved stairlifts, visit our website at: www.AccessibleConstruction.com

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