Feb 28

Many seniors have trouble getting in and out of the car because of arthritis, joint pain, and general symptoms caused by aging. There are many ways to make a home easier to use, but how do you make a car easier to use? Here are our three favorite car mobility aids that make getting in and out of a car safer and easier.

Handybar Car Standing Support Lever

The Handybar is a car standing support lever that fits inside the u-striker of the car door frame when the door is opened. It’s been around forever and is a simple device to use and store in the car. This is a great tool for people who need something sturdy to hold onto when getting in and out of a car.

The Handybar easily fits in the glove compartment or better yet, a door pocket so it’s available when the door is opened for use getting in.

For those unusual circumstances, it can also be used to break the window or cut through the seat belts. Even though it is rare that these features will ever be used, they show how well the device is designed.

Car Caddie Car Window Standing Strap

Car Caddie
The Car Caddie is a car window standing strap that attaches to the top of the door frame and has a gripper handle.

It can be used like the Handybar except it works better for people that have more strength “pulling” themselves up instead of “pushing” up. Because certain disabilities or injuries require different motions, it’s nice to have an option that works with a person’s strength.

It can also be attached to a grab handle in the ceiling on newer cars. The Handybar and Car Caddie are both ideal for use in the front or rear seats and they both aid in entering and exiting the vehicle.

Swivel Car Seat

Swivel Car Seat
A Swivel Car Seat sits on the seat of a car and works similar in motion to a lazy susan and allows the driver or passenger to sit and swivel in or out for easier transfers to the car seat. It’s a simple device but really does its job.

Other products that deserve mentioning are the Beasy Transfer Board and lightweight Transport Chairs, which work well when traveling by car.

Seniors and people with disabilities rely on their cars for getting around but they can be cumbersome to use when getting in and out. These products help make using the car safer and easier to use.

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