Minivator 2000 Curved Outdoor Stair Lift with Electric Gate Opener

When a main part of your business is installing stair lifts, you understand there’s almost no such thing as a “standard installation” anymore. Just about every set of stairs has something that needs a custom adaptation, whether it’s the track length, adding curves, or deciding if it needs a right or left-hand run.

Some installations are easier than others, and there’s always a few that get your creative juices flowing. You come to expect a challenge with every job, but you know in the end it will be worth the extra effort.

Curved Outdoor Stairlift Installation

Curved Outdoor Stairlift Installation

We recently had a challenge with an outdoor stair lift installation in Pasadena. Living in Southern California, we work with quite few people who have outdoor stairs leading up to the home, and it usually doesn’t pose any difficulties.

This one, however, required two curves, one landing in the middle of the climb, and had to hug close to the outside of the stairs. Oh yeah, and it had to cross through a gate at the top of the stairs. It screamed custom!

Our stairlift of choice for this job was the Handicare Minivator 2000. Handicare has factories in the UK and Netherlands and the Minivator is a unique stairlift that can be mounted close to a wall, or in our case, close to the outside edge of the stairs.

Minivator 2000 Stair Lift

Minivator 2000 Stair Lift

The Minivator 2000 runs on twin tube tracks and is available in a variety of color options for the seat and track. Adding the custom curves wasn’t a problem either.

With the stair lift part of the process in hand, the final piece of this puzzle was getting through the gate. The gate opened outward and right into the path of the stairlift. Because it would be nearly impossible for a single user to open the gate while traveling up the stairs, we opted for an electric gate opener that could open the gate by using a remote control.

We’ve installed plenty of electric door openers in the past, but this was the first time we’ve used one for a gate in the path of a stairlift. We didn’t want to lose the security of the gate by removing it completely and the opener worked like a charm.

The Minivator worked great for this installation and like most stairlifts, has a folding footrest and arm rests for keeping the walkway in front of the unit clear when needed. It also comes with an easy to use cover to keep it away from the elements when it rains.

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