A Telecab Elevator Minimizes Construction Time and Cost

Some disabilities progress over time. This means that installing a stair lift may be fine for now, but in a few years it may be difficult to use. Choosing a home elevator might be a better option, and installing a Telecab Elevator can minimize construction time and cost.

A Telecab Elevator is a two-stop residential elevator for home use with a 500 lb. weight capacity that is equipped with windows and interior lighting. A Telecab is sometimes called a “vanishing elevator” or “shaftless elevator” because it does not require an elevator shaft for installation. Because there is no shaft, it decreases the time to install and reduces the cost.

Telecab Elevator

Telecab Elevator parked downstairs during installation

The unique design of a Telecab allows it to disappear from sight when it’s on another floor. It can be installed virtually in any room in the home that allows enough space for the cab above and below.


Telecab traveling upstairs into the ceiling and out of the way downstairs

If the unit is parked upstairs, simply choose the down button from the main floor to call it downstairs. When it arrives, walk, or roll in with a wheelchair and take it up to the top floor. It recesses into the ceiling where it is out of sight downstairs.

Telecab Elevator recessed into the floor

Telecab Elevator view from the upstairs bathroom recessed into the floor to create more space upstairs while the cab is parked downstairs

If you’re upstairs and need the space, the Telecab can be parked downstairs. Simply call it at the touch of a button when needed to transport you downstairs.

Telecab parked upstairs in the bathroom

Telecab parked upstairs in the bathroom

Telecab Elevators are a safe and convenient way to live independently in your own home. They eliminate the need for stairs, or stair lifts, and provide comfort for the user and caregiver. By reducing the stress and strain associated with wheelchair transfers to and from a stairlift, it increases the quality of life for the user and caregiver.

Telecabs come with a variety of configuration options including cab and window panel colors, cab interior size, or a second door to enter and exit a different location on another floor.

If you’re considering a home elevator to avoid the hassle of a stairway, a Telecab Elevator might be a convenient and economical way to stay safe in your home.

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