Hi-Low Hospital Bed for Home

Many of our clients suffer from a fall or stroke and are hospitalized for a period of time. They get good care and have special accommodations while in the hospital but under ideal conditions they are released from care and return to their home.

Sometimes they need a special bed and other times they just WANT a bed like they had in the hospital with hi-low adjustments. We work with select manufacturers to provide our clients with custom, designer Hi-Low Hospital Beds.

Hi-Low Hospital Bed for Home

These aren’t standard hospital beds, though. These are high-quality custom beds with a variety of features such as a standard single massage with timer, floor illuminating night light, and gentle call buzzer.

If you or a loved-one need a hospital bed for your home, give us a call toll-free at (866) 902-9800 and tell us what you need. We’ll set you up with a perfect fit.

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