Wall Hung Accessible Sink for Wheelchair Users

Bathroom vanities are great to look at and provide extra space for keeping things but for wheelchair users they make it difficult to get close to the sink.

Wall-Hung Accessible Bathroom Sink

A Wall Hung Accessible Sink is an excellent alternative to a bathroom vanity for wheelchair users because there is plenty of space under the sink for rolling in and getting closer to the sink and faucet.

It’s important to remember that many wheelchairs users don’t have feeling in their legs and can get burned from rubbing against hot pipes under the sink. Always choose a wall accessible hung sink with a P-Trap Cover so that exposed pipes are covered. This is not only a safety measure but it makes for a more attractive bathroom.

We can provide installation of wall accessible hung sinks with P-Trap covers in southern California and we also sell them on our website for people that want to use their preferred contractor.

Visit our website for ordering information at: www.accessibleconstruction.com/services/bathrooms/wall-hung-sink

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