Wheelchair Wall Protectors

One of the problems facing wheelchair users is scraping the walls and doorways when wheeling through the house, not to mention scraping fingers and knuckles. Offset hinges widen doorways a few inches by expanding the door opening at the hinge. These are an easy and cost effective way to solve the problem.

But sometimes there is a door opening in a hallway that doesn’t have a door to expand – it’s just a narrow opening. While it’s wide enough to fit through, it’s a snug fit.

These narrow openings are easy to spot, as the wheel marks are evident on the walls and doors where the paint has scraped off. It’s bad enough when you own the home you live in, but it’s worse if you’re a renter and have to pay to fix the walls when you move out.

We recently helped a wheelchair user by attaching clear, plexiglas wheelchair wall protectors to a narrow door opening. The plexi sheets are thin enough that they don’t impede movement through the opening but save the paint and wood from being scraped away.

Wheelchair Wall Protectors

We’ve seen commercial wall protectors in parking garages and even offices where furniture is constantly being moved, but we haven’t found a commercial solution for homes yet. So we fabricated our own wheelchair wall guard.

It’s a fairly simple procedure to install them, and until somebody comes out with a pre-made protector, take a look around your own home and see if it might help save your paint and wood.

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