Eldercare For Dummies

One of our most important goals is to perform home modifications so that people can remain in their own homes for as long as possible. We’re experts at what we do.

But we also rely on other experts such as caregivers and occupational and physical therapists to help with aging and disabilities.

Whether it’s for us or our parents, there are many things that are unfamiliar as we age and we need to rely on expert resources to help guide us through the unfamiliar territory and prepare us for what’s to come.

One of our favorite books to help make the aging process more familiar is Eldercare for Dummies by Dr. Rachelle Zukerman.

Eldercare for Dummies by Dr. Rachelle Zukerman

In clear, easy to understand language, Eldercare For Dummies discusses topics such as Caregiving, Chronic Medical Conditions and Diseases, Nursing Homes, and all the other things we wonder about.

It’s available at bookstores or online at Amazon.com.

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