The MIT Age Suit “AGNES” Simulates Life As a 74-Year Old Person

The MIT AgeLab created the AGNES Age Suit (Age Gain Now Empathy System) that can be worn by a person so that they can “experience” what life would be like as a 74-year old person.

The Age Suit mimics what it is like to go shopping and cook in a kitchen with limited mobility, hearing and eyesight, much like what a senior in their 70s experiences on a daily basis.

The MIT AgeLab hopes to gain insight and an understanding of the aging experience to create new ideas and technologies to support the growing population of aging adults around the world.

What is included on AGNES?

– Earplugs to reduce hearing

– Yellow Goggles mimic aging eyes

- Neck Collar, Bungee Cords/Elastic Bands, Knee Braces, and Wrist Guards reduce mobility and flexibility

- Gloves reduce sensation in the hands and restrict hand movement

- Foam-padded Shoes inhibit Balance

Maybe AGNES should be included in Certified Aging-in-Place training for home builders. It would certainly give some perspective on what it is like to live in a home with daily mobility difficulties.

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