Natural Vitamins and Essential Minerals Found in Food

You don’t need your doctor to tell you that eating a balanced diet and the right proportions will put you on your way to feeling better and healthier. If you do a great job at it and throw in a little exercise, you may not need to see your doctor as often either.

Any age group can benefit from following this advice, but the older we get, the more important vitamins and minerals become for living a healthy lifestyle.

Taking multi-vitamins will help, but sometimes it’s better to get the necessary vitamins and minerals from a natural source, namely food. The tricky part is finding the right food sources for maximizing the benefits and nutritional value of the vitamins and minerals.

The infographic below makes it easy to find the right foods to take care of what ails you, and does a mighty fine job of explaining how all of this works by breaking it down to the type and function of each vitamin and mineral. It also shows the deficiency that is caused by a lack of each nutrient and the optimal food source for each one.

It helps to know there are two types of vitamins – fat soluble and water soluble. Essential Minerals are also broken into two categories – macro and micro. It will make sense as you read through the chart. This may even be worthy of printing out and hanging on the fridge for easy access. Happy eating!

Natural Vitamins and Essential Minerals Found in Food
To see this infographic in its full size, visit Daily Infographic.

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